ULTRA奥卓斯& ING+照明联合展厅


Project information


ULTRA Autros &

ING+ lighting,Zhuhai


The ULTRA Auzoos high-end imported stone panel operating agency and ING+ Lighting joint exhibition hall is located in Building 5 of the Shenzhen Shidu Home Expo. The design challenge for this project is how to integrate and showcase both brands effectively within a 260m² space.


 LOBBY / 门厅

Courtyard / 庭院


A water feature area is located at the entrance on the right side of the showroom. Its purpose is to create an atmosphere beyond visual perception through the sound of flowing water, as well as to showcase the application of the rock panel and lighting scenes. This allows customers to leisurely stroll through the courtyard and enter the interior of the showroom.

Lighting Box / 灯光魔盒区


The Lighting Magic Box is the product experience area for ING+ Lighting, where customers can be shown the actual effects of different types of lamps, color temperatures, and beam angles, allowing them to experience firsthand the ultimate lighting experience brought by ING+ products.

LDK / 客餐厨展区


The central area of the exhibition hall is designed in the layout form of LDK dining and kitchen. By simulating the living space scene, it showcases the application scenarios and details of ULTRA Aozhuosi rock panels in the space.


The 3-meter ceiling height is an ideal dimension for showcasing ULTRA's seamless installation technique from floor to ceiling, while also providing an ideal space for ING+ Lighting to demonstrate its lighting products in a dynamic and versatile way.


Passageway / 过道空间


The hallway space not only connects the LDK living, dining and kitchen display area with the material selection area, but also serves as a showcase for ING+'s foyer and hallway lighting design.


Staircase / 楼道空间


Instead of using traditional decoration, the central 2000*2000mm structural column in the space is designed to embody the spirit of the place as much as possible, making it an effective mechanical structure for the staircase display area. This creates a space to showcase the stair technology used for the ULTRA OZROCKS rock panels and lighting design scenes.


Bathroom / 卫浴空间


The plasticity of ULTRA OZOS rock board material technolog.


ULTRA AOSO stone board has a high sales frequency in bathroom spaces. Therefore, in the showroom design, it is important to effectively showcase various detailed craftsmanship examples of the stone board products in bathroom settings, providing valuable talking points for sales staff and customers. Similarly, the importance of lighting design in bathroom settings cannot be overlooked. 


Light And shadow / 光影艺术展